Our Services

Delivery Services provides its clients with the advanced technology and infrastructure needed to meet today's business challenges. Technology that helps you move goods quickly, arrange for shipments more efficiently, and offer a wider range services. At the same time, it helps you deliver a higher level of personalize service.


During any transportation process, physical losses or damage to cargo can arise as a result of factors such as rough weather or the sinking of ships at sea, theft, or an overland collision. We believe in being prepared and providing the best cover for our customers; marine cargo insurance covers any loss, damage or liability your goods may be at risk during transportation from one place to another; this includes air freight, ocean freight and overland carriage.


Delivery Services's extensive experience in warehousing and distribution means that we are equipped to handle all sorts of sensitive products and information. We provide a total supply chain solution for your products and also handle reverse logistics. In the main warehouse, a temperature controlled area of 5,000 square foot is dedicated to temperature sensitive items such as nutritional supplements.


Have you got a shipment that needs to be collected and delivered immediately? For shipments that just can't wait until tomorrow, overseadeliveryservices.com Delivery Services offers a 24-hour door-to-door emergency delivery servi ce.

Custom Brokerage

With its own licensed brokers and personnel in some International Airport, overseadeliveryservices.com Delivery Services provides import and export clearance services, which will help your goods clear customs quickly and efficiently.

Our electronic customs clearance network takes advantage of the latest customs release initiatives and reviews your goods to make sure there comply with the most current regulations. Our customs experts can guide you through tariff classification, valuation, duty/tax recovery and specific product requirements.


We offer all moving of goods and a very easy and accessable way.