Oversea Delivery Services

Multiple locations. We have offices in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Our Service Details

Quality service at affordable price. The most effective way of shipping worldwide.

  • Best In Delivery

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Best In Delivery

We deliver at a very fast speed to your clients.

  • Best in Packing

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Best In Packing

Thanks to our high-quality packaging and storage methods, you get your parcel in its entirety and good condition.

  • Best In Transport

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Best In Transport

Our professional staff can offer you help and advice on any matters regarding local and international transportation of your goods

  • Best In Timing

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Best In Timing

Our time sequence to delivery is very accurate

Our Service Information

Best Delivery services

We provide the most reliable and discounted international Air Freight shipping service worldwide. Our Airport-to-Airport service accepts virtually all commodities, sizes and weights so as our door-to-door service is a popular choice for businesses, as all transportation costs as fuel surcharge, custom fees or other expenses that may be incurred along the way are covered. We offer documentation management as a value-added service. Our staff can guide you through the documentation process and create the documents on your behalf.

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Insurance on delivery

Shippers of all sizes can save up to 90% on shipping insurance and parcel insurance. The coverage discounts grow based on your shipping volume. We protect the goods under different insurance level which provides us as one of the best and reliable courier in the world

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Sending of goods

We pick up goods from you and deliver to your clients. Whereby you fill the contact us form or send us a mail by requesting a pickup at any anytime. Our professionals will help and guide to fill the form whereby you sign on pick up. We render a safe gateway for you pay on delivery services as well.

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